Well as I am sure you have read, the state has made its decision on gay marriages, stating that it is unconstitutional and it is not what marriage is supposed to be. Being raised a Catholic, I always thought marriage was supposed to be between two people who loved each other, wanted to start a family together, and spend the rest of their lives together. However, marriage in this country has become everything but that it seems; marriage in this country is a status for the pompous white collar workers who want to make an impression on the higher-ups. Yet Americans continue to pass judgement on what constitutes a "marriage" when we allow all sorts of unconventional and distorted marriages to take place everyday.

I think by continuing to let couples marry for the wrong reason-which has basically desecrated the idea of marriage then future generations will keep destroying the sacredness of love and monogamy. Divorce rates in this country are already abominiable, so what would improve American marriages? Perhaps if it is legal for people to marry each other for the right reason (isn't love what marriage is about afterall?), we can rescue the idea that marriage is a serious and special commitment between two people.

Between the Anna Nicole Smiths who marry old men for money, the Britney Spears' who get hitched in Vegas for fun, the Hugh Hefners looking for young trophy wives, immigrants marrying for green cards, this country should not even have an opinion on marriage! The very people voting on these laws are the same people who are involved in sex scandals right now, humiliating their spouses in front of the nation with online sex sites and bathroom sex romps!

Perhaps the idea on marrying for love isn't a bad one, maybe it is something that should be considered. Because the message now is that marriage is between a man and a woman no matter what the terms are for the marriage. The most important part of American marriage is the sex of the individuals involved and not the marriage part itself.

I mean if we really went all the way back in time to the origin of marriage, it was more like a bartering system for men to exchange "goods." Since the wife was basically necessary for housekeeping and reproduction, she could be sought through the same means as cattle for milk or sheep for wool. Marriage to some degree fluctuates with the time period, it is now time to improve that idea again